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Evening and Night Details

As we’ve grown and become busier, we’ve found the sun setting on polished cars. Literally. So we bought a light bar. Now if it’s getting late and the sun is setting, we don’t have to worry about leaving wax on

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Fleet Vans!

For the first time since we started operating in 2011, we’ve been able to purchase a new vehicle. Previously we came to your home or office in old loud diesel trucks. That was cool cause they really ran on vegetable

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We gave this ’94 Jeep Wrangler an exterior detail – without the roof! [Show picture list]   It was a challenge! But it’s looking great now!

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Retiring the Ambulance

We’ve decided that we’re going to have to retire the ambulance. There have been a series of reasons behind this decision, but none of them mean that the ambulance won’t be sorely missed. Hopefully we’ll bring some other plan for

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Amazing Clients!

We’ve been staying busy all summer, and now it’s suddenly autumn! I’ve been meaning to shout out to some of our clients who have been awesome over the summer & the past 5 years. I can’t believe it’s been so

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Mobile Detailing

  Fairfield Imports has been doing great work on BMWs in Pensacola. The owner, Richard, used to take care of my personal car, an ’85 524TD that ran on vegetable oil like my work truck.   If your BMW or

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The Farmer’s Market

Green Cleen is proud to formally announce that we are a new addition to the Pensacola Farmer’s Market! The market has only been operating for a few years, earning year-long operations every weekend just this past year. Since becoming year-round

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Meet Green Cleen

We’re a family owned business located in Pensacola, Florida. My husband, Ben, is the muscle & brains behind the business. I help out with some secretarial work where I can, and I’m going to be the voice behind this, the

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