Evening and Night Details

As we’ve grown and become busier, we’ve found the sun setting on polished cars. Literally.

So we bought a light bar. Now if it’s getting late and the sun is setting, we don’t have to worry about leaving wax on a vehicle & you can rest assured that you’ll get the same great care that we’ve become known for.



It may take a bit more time, since we have to move the van from one side of the vehicle being washed to the other, but now we can care for your car while you sleep. This weekend, we got a call from a gentleman who purchased a new Ferrari in Miami that he’s driving across the country, and he just wanted it refreshed on his way through town. Now we can make that happen for you. 17157842_1368198426582663_6364051603966443969_o

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Fleet Vans!

For the first time since we started operating in 2011, we’ve been able to purchase a new vehicle. Previously we came to your home or office in old loud diesel trucks. That was cool cause they really ran on vegetable oil and (in my humble opinion) the ambulance was awesome!

12493781_1059751857427323_4734457803501912973_oPorsche-3 12829076_1088507204551788_7787338413318379003_oJune16-14

The old ambulance isn’t just being junked though! This Halloween, we decorated it and hosted a neighborhood Trunk Or Treat event with the ambulance as the anchor. It was a huge hit!! We’re excited to participate again next year.

SHNAborhood Trunk or Treat-2

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We gave this ’94 Jeep Wrangler an exterior detail – without the roof!


It was a challenge! But it’s looking great now!

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Retiring the Ambulance

We’ve decided that we’re going to have to retire the ambulance.

There have been a series of reasons behind this decision, but none of them mean that the ambulance won’t be sorely missed. Hopefully we’ll bring some other plan for it into fruition. Perhaps an RV? Or a food truck? You’ll have to keep up with us on Facebook to be the first to know!

For now, here are some photos of remembrance:


It was often in the background.

It was often in the background.

Fall15-10 forgotten summer-7 forgotten summer-10 Ambulance Stickers 911-3 Ambulance-6beach cars-5 It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it. beach cars-8Thank you, Ambulance, for all the years of service, whether saving lives or just the paint. You will not be forgotten.

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Amazing Clients!

We’ve been staying busy all summer, and now it’s suddenly autumn! I’ve been meaning to shout out to some of our clients who have been awesome over the summer & the past 5 years. I can’t believe it’s been so long!

Firstly, we have a small handful of regular clients, and they have helped our business grow immensely over these years. I haven’t asked if I can name names, but I think they’ll know who they are (assuming they ever see this), and I appreciate them always telling their friends about Green Cleen. Word of Mouth advertising has taken our business really far, and Ben continues to put that same effort into every car that he touches. I would like to extend sincere thanks to all of our regular clients, those who call weekly, monthly, or annually, because you’re loyalty and dedication are so highly valued.

We’ve also had some right-place-at-the-right-time luck with clients. For example, when a snowbird needed to get rid of all the food in her condo, we got a fully stocked pantry. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Sprue, and many of the boxes were gluten-free pastas, quick bread mixes, and other things that I was making a transition into eating. It gave me an opportunity to try gluten-free brands & see some of the diversity of options. I love food, but it became a very difficult relationship. It’s really helped to rekindle a passion that I’d nearly lost.

Another house we went to had a sailboat in the back that hadn’t been moved in 10 years. The owner offered it to us for next to nothing, and Ben spent the summer restoring it. He’d learned to sail with his dad wh   en he was a child, sharing a love for the water, and now our entire family is excited to pass on this love to the next generation. Both me and our son, Nate, have been enjoying our time on the water. It’s created a place for us to be a family together without distractions; so awesome!

There’s another person in our lives that we’ve never cleaned anything for, and who doesn’t even like us, but I would still like to thank him. You see, we’ve got a neighbor who likes to ensure that we’re following the city’s laws & codes about how your property should look, and he noticed that we parked our ambulance on the side of our house, an area that is unpaved. All vehicles in Pensacola are supposed to be on paved ground, so now the ambulance is settled in front of our property, and we’ve never had so many people ask us what it’s all about. Our business in the neighborhood has definitely expanded, and I appreciate that.

These past five years have brought us so far, and we’re excited and optimistic for the future. Thanks for stopping by our site, for taking the time to read about us, and for your interest in general.

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Mobile Detailing

mazarati  Fairfield Imports has been doing great work on BMWs in Pensacola. The owner, Richard, used to take care of my personal car, an ’85 524TD that ran on vegetable oil like my work truck.


If your BMW or other import needs maintained, I would recommend Fairfield Imports. Mention that you’d like a Green Cleen before you get it back so your car runs AND LOOKS like new!

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The Farmer’s Market

Green Cleen is proud to formally announce that we are a new addition to the Pensacola Farmer’s Market! The market has only been operating for a few years, earning year-long operations every weekend just this past year. Since becoming year-round (instead of seasonal) they’ve also earned recognition as a top farmer’s market in the state and nationally. Needless to say, we’re really proud to be a part of it.

The market stretches across three blocks, inhabiting the park-like median on Palafox Street from Garden Street up to Wright Street. The space is packed with vendors selling everything from organic produce, free-range meats, and homemade foodstuffs to unique clothing, local jewelery, and one-of-a-kind art by the artist themselves.

In order to be a vendor, everyone has to sell something that they make, so we started making laundry detergent. I shouldn’t say ‘started’ because I’ve been making my own detergent for years now, but this is my first time mass producing it. I’ve got 15 bottles available for purchase. Personally, I love the stuff. It’s all natural, hypo-allergenic, and has a nice clean smell reminiscent of soap. I’m making my own soap now, too.

This Saturday will mark our 5th appearance at the market. I mentioned they were packed with vendors; they are so overrun with individuals buying booths that many have to rotate. Our schedule seems random to me; sometimes 3 and sometimes 4 weeks will pass without us having a spot, but for the most part we’re there once a month.

I’ll be updating our facebook page, announcing the weeks that we’ll be at the market. This week is one of those weeks (August 24), and I hope to see you there! Look for our table at the end near Wright Street.

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Meet Green Cleen

We’re a family owned business located in Pensacola, Florida. My husband, Ben, is the muscle & brains behind the business. I help out with some secretarial work where I can, and I’m going to be the voice behind this, the Green Cleen blog. My name’s Erin.

The vegetable oil is where the green comes into our style of cleaning, but lowering the dependency on foreign oil isn’t the only part that’s green.

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